Multiple Text Entries on One Slide

May 14, 2012

Do you think it is possible to have more than one text entry per slide?

I want to simulate entering a user name and password.

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Phil Mayor

Set up your two text entry boxes, I think the variables are automatically created (TextEntry and TextEntry1).  If not just create the variables and assign them to the text entry fields.

On the submit button, set a trigger goto next slide, add two conditioins

1. If textentry = "what ever you want the username to be"

2. AND TextEntry2 = "what ever you want the password to be"

remove the next button from the player

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

First, apologies to Kim. I didn't see your reply back in May, Kim. If you're still looking for an answer, and subscribed to this thread, can you respond?

Also, to your question, Kim, and perhaps to yours, StatEase, Storyline doesn't have anything built in that allows partial credit to be assigned to portions of questions in a quiz AND that can then be reported to an LMS. But I believe some community members may have workarounds for this. For example, Mike Taylor posted a work-around that allows partial points to be assigned to a Drag and Drop here.

StatEase, I'm not sure that this IS exactly your question. Sorry if I'm misinterpreting. Could you perhaps post what you've done so far and explain what you'd like to see happen? Perhaps then community members can jump in with a fix...or at least tell you whether what you'd like to do is doable.

StatEase Admin

Rebecca, after finding the "insert data entry" button (d'oh!), my next question is how to incorporate both entries into the "Short Answer" or "Fill in the Blank" interactions on a slide. Alternately, they could be separate interactions, just located on the same slide - it doesn't make sense to have that much empty space on a slide.

Remind me how to upload a .story and I'll post what I have.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi StatEase,

Ah, the d'oh factor. Been there many many times

To upload a story, click the paperclip icon below the "leave your reply". You'll see an "insert file" tool tip when you hover your mouse over it.

You CAN insert multiple text entries on a single slide and have a graded quiz if you use a Pick One Quiz Question. I have a tutorial here

But, this is an all or nothing score. There's no partial credit.

Let us know how else we can help.

Saul  Jacobs

The single question will be tracked, but can all the text box entries be
tracked and reported individually? I assume variables would need to be set
up for each text box to calculate an accurate score. Is it possible to
assign that value to the results.Score.percent variable which is sent to
the LMS?

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