Multiple Text Entries on One Slide

May 14, 2012

Do you think it is possible to have more than one text entry per slide?

I want to simulate entering a user name and password.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Saul,

Yes, you'd need to set up variables for each text box, and use the method here if you want to report the value of the variable. 

In regards to calculating the score, a pick one question can be marked correct by choice as described here, but there is not partial scoring in Storyline, so it's an all or nothing. You won't be able to manually adjust the Results.score.percent variable, but tracking a regular scored question on a results slide will allow that score to be sent to the LMS.

Sandy Mason

I think I have gremlins. Just did an update and my file seems to have changed and I can't work out why. Revisiting is set to reset to initial but after typing an incorrect answer I can't type in the text box anymore? It was working fine - this is for 1 slide has 1 text box, the other has 2 (the second I can type in but not the first or the slide with 1 text box). Any clues?

John DePauw

The problem with the text entry boxes is that they have no character limit. So the essay question slide solves this problem right? Well yes and no. I can now limit my character count. However, Storyline will not allow me to have more than one essay box on the slide. So if I want to do a username and password box that's character limited, there's no workaround in Storyline correct?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Correct, within Storyline's quizzes you can only have one question per slide - so if you're using an essay question only one will appear.

I've seen a few folks restrict a text entry through use of Javascript, perhaps that's something you could investigate? It's outside my area of expertise, but there are likely folks in the community who could help! 

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