Multiple text entry boxes on one slide (as a quiz)

Apr 04, 2013


I am preparing a course on Verbs and want to have an exercise presented on one slide with about 5 sentences (Fill in the blanks) I tried using the Free form text entry. I copy pasted the text entry box 5 times for each sentence.

I also entered the 5 acceptable options. But the problem with this, as you must have already guessed, is that even if i type one correct answer and 4 wrong answers, it still shows me a correct feedback after submitting.

The problem with the graded questions is that i can have only one question per slide. Whereas i want 5 questions on one slide.

I'm in a fix as to what to use to make it work :(

Please help soon.

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Divya Ranadive

Hi Jarryd,

I tried using the logic you mentioned.. but it still doesn't seem to work  :( 

I tried giving wrong answers, and still it tells me i have answered correctly.

I'll try more on the variable part and see if i can figure out something.

Will keep you posted about the same!

Thanks a ton for the help though this gave us a direction :)

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