Multiple text responses? Can it be done?

Mar 02, 2014


How do you create a multiple response/fill in the blank question that would display the answers in the lms for marking? The teacher will mark the question, but the responses need to be submitted. Here’s how the question would look:

I have set it up as a pick one question with separate data entry fields for each cell. When I submit it to the lms instead of the responses that were typed in to the chart, I get the name of the object on the timeline. It looks like this:

I have followed a lot of awesome tutorials and instructions from Jeannette ( ), Mike ( ), and others on using the PickOne question etc., but have not found the proper way to do this. I seem to be missing something. Any ideas or other tutorials?

Here is the .story file:

Thanks for your help. janet.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janet,

It looks like you're off to a good start with the instructions from Jeannette and Mike, but you'll also need to report the value of your text entry variables to your LMS if you'd like to be able to access them as by default they're not set up to read them from a standard text entry. 

Good luck with the rest of your project!

Janet Robertson

Hi Ashley

Thanks for your suggestion and the link to how to report the value of your text entry variables to your LMS . I have followed the instructions and set it up, but I am still getting the "text entry box" name vs. the actual student response. It looks like this:

Am I missing something in the set up? It would be great if I could this working, as it might also work for a Bingo game! Here is the updated storyline file  . Any ideas?

Thanks again for all the help. Janet.

Michael Hinze

Hi Janet, each of your questions has a slide trigger that submits the interaction when the timeline starts and the another Submit trigger when the text entry's timeline starts. These triggers would submit "blanks" because they immediately fire when the slide is displayed. I can't test and verify this right now, but I think you should set up the Submit Interaction trigger for each question like it is shown here.

Janet Robertson

Yippee! It's working!

Thanks so much Ashley and Mike for your help (and your patience . The Articulate Community is amazing. Here's the final file in case anyone else is working on a similar project: (.story file)

I can't share the final project, but here's how it works:

Thanks, again. Janet.

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