Multiple Triggers for Slide Layers

Nov 22, 2016

Hello, I have a slide that has multiple slide layers.  Is it possible to have individual triggers for each slide layer?  I want the next button to work differently for each slide layer but it will not let me program it that way.  I'd appreciate any help with this.  I'm new to articulate and may have just boxed myself into doing what articulates wants to do versus what I want to do.  Thanks, Camille

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Camille Goodwin-Boyd

Thanks for the responses.  What I'm trying to do is have the next button work one way for the slide and one way for the slide layers.  Is this possible.  Attached is a copy of my slide and within each item on the slide is a slide layer.  When I'm in the slide layer I want the next button to return to the slide not the next slide/scene.  But what happens is, I added the trigger and it affects the slide not the slide layer and the next button sends me to the next slide.   Really hoping that you can assist further with this.  I'm new but learning fast.  Thank You!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Camille - This thread is a bit dated. I'm not sure if you are saying you cannot utilize the file that I've shared with you or if you do not understand what I did within the file.

If the first item, please try another browser to download the file as the file that I've shared is simply a .story file as you shared above.

If the latter, take a look at the variables that I added. I have them set to adjust upon a layer opening and the Next button does not move to the next slide until those variables are 'true'.

Hope this helps :)

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