Multiple variables in a statement (IF / and)

Apr 13, 2021

I have used this technique many times before and now for some reason I can no longer utilize and conditions that contain more than one variable?

this is what is what I am doing:

I have a scene where I need the user to fill in a form completely before moving on using a specific hotspot. This is how I have always done it.

For some reason, it works fine when i am using only one variable, but as soon as i add multiple it stops working.


Variables used:

move_forward  (true/false)  - set to False by default

month_selected (true/false) - set to false by default

name (text) - no default value

phone (text) - no default value   (this will change to what the user types when object loses focus)

Trigger Wizard:

Attached image


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Xavier Toyos

I think I have found a solution to your project. Actually the variable "move_forward" prevents it from working correctly, unless the last variable to enter is "name". It works if the trigger variable is the last one to enter (by project logic it is "month_selected"). But it fails again if it is not the last variable entered.
I have done the STORY without the "move_forward" variable and I think it works as you want.


All the best