my base layer is showing ;)

Jun 17, 2016

Hi I have a base layer slide that is set up with 3 layers.

from the base layer they can click a hot spot, which takes them to a layer.

from each layer they can click an object that takes them to a new slide for additional information.

when they go from slide layer to the new slide I can see my base layer pop up, before I get to the new slide. it is so embarrassing.

I've re-ordered the triggers on the base layer every which way, do you have suggestions?


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k b

Leslie, this did not work. I've cut down the file so you can see what I am working with. This version does not have the hide layer trigger as you suggested removing.

You are correct in that I no longer see the base layer, but now I cannot get back to base layer to see the checkmark on the layer they visited. And for the learner to visit the other layers.

I tried to make the previous available button available, to take the learner back to the base layer but that did work.

Any new ideas?

thank you

k b

Walt Hamilton

Set the Patient LifeCycle slide to Reset to initial state when revisiting.

On the other three slides, be sure that the player trigger for the Previous button is set to jump to the previous slide (if you want the user to go back), or to the Patient Life Cycle slide (if you want the user to always go there.)

I suspect you had originally changed the Previous jumps, then deleted those objects, which they are now set to jump to jump to unassigned.

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