My course in SL360 is getting stuck

Sep 26, 2017

Hi, I've been developing this course for a few weeks with no problem.  As of last Friday I get to one page and the course won't advance.  It is frozen and  a  spinning dial is on the page.  There are only 2 simple images, an animation, shapes, and text on the page.  No video or audio to load.  I finally updated my SL last week, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with this issue.  I'm also getting stuck in Preview.  Not just when I publish. Has anyone had this issue?  I need a resolution please.   Thank you!

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Tyler! Really sorry you're hitting a roadblock – happy to help you sort this out!

I took a peek into Tanya's case, and it looks like removing the title and inserting a new title on a specific layer fixed the issue there. Nice job, Tanya! 🌟

I'd be really interested in having a closer look at your file to see if that helps your case as well. Would you mind sharing your .story file with me here?

Tyler Balding

Thanks, ladies! It looks like this was actually on the client side. I got this feedback:

"We believe we have found the issue. It appears that something is wrong with some users Internet Explorer browsers. I am not sure what is causing it but we have been testing out a fix in which we are resetting affected users browsers to default settings which appears to fix the issue. I have included the steps in case any of your other costumers experience similar issues. I will keep you both posted if anything changes.


Internet Explorer Reset: (Steps)

1.            Click “tools” in the top right corner of Internet Explorer

2.            Click “Internet Options” from the list that is displayed

3.            In the pop up box click on the “Advanced” tab

4.            Click on the “Reset” button under the Reset Internet Explorer Settings section

5.            Allow for Internet Explorer to reset fully

6.            Close your browser completely (all tabs)

7.            Open up the browser and navigate back to the course."

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