My customer wants the first score recorded, and if it isn't a passing score, then ALSO the second score

In order to measure improvement, my customer wants to see multiple scores reported to their LMS; not overwritten. They want to see if the first score from the final assessment is a fail, what that score is; then they want to see the second score, regardless of what that is. If the learner fails both times, they would have to be reassigned the course; what would happen to the first and second scores? Would they necessarily be overwritten, or is there any option to only overwrite the second score, and always keep the first (baseline) score? Thanks for your help!

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Luiza Quinto


I understand that you have a few clarifications about the quiz scores that are sent to your LMS. I'll do my best to help you with them. I agree that more specific data will be more effective in helping your learners.

1. Is it possible to send multiple scores from the same course to your LMS?

While this sounds awesome, it's currently not supported yet. You may, however, create a master results slide that will record the cumulative scores of the learner from all of the quizzes in your course. This may not be what your client needs at the moment but should you need this in the future, you'll find more information about it here.

2. Is it possible to require the learner to retake the course if both of his scores from the first and second attempts are failed?

Yes, we can do this by adding triggers that will allow the learner to jump back to the lesson after his (failed) second attempt.

a. On the results slide, add a button.

b. Apply the "jump to slide" trigger when the "user clicks" the said button.

3. Will the scores be overwritten when the learner retakes the quiz?

If you use the "retry button" and do not disable the "reset results" trigger, then yes, the score will be overwritten when the learner retakes the quiz. Following this, we won't be able to keep or overwrite a specific score.

I realize that these are not ideal scenarios for you. No worries, there are a couple workarounds to this, albeit unsupported. Check these out here. If you wish to explore web objects, this will certainly be useful to you.

I hope this helps! Kindly let me know which alternative you're most interested in so we can work on it together.

Ren Gomez

Hi Access Pointe,

Luiza shares some excellent tips here, but to expand a little bit, I do want to share some info on a commonly asked question:

What happens when a learner takes the same quiz multiple times?

Within a Course: When a quiz is taken multiple times within the same course attempt, the most recent score is sent to the LMS upon exit.

Example: A learner takes a quiz and passes, then fails, then passes it again. Only the final pass would be recorded. 

Within an LMS: For learners who try to retake a quiz after closing the course, what happens depends on your LMS. Usually, the LMS allows them to retake the quiz only if the course wasn’t completed.

If they took the quiz and completed the course, they most likely won’t be able to retake the quiz.

I hope this helps clarify your questions, and it may be worth it to reach out to the client's LMS to see if multiple scores are possible.