Mysterious grey background on publish

Feb 21, 2019

Hi guys, 

I have a Storyline 360 project with a white background. When previewing in Storyline, the slide appears as it should.

However on publish to Review and our LMS, there is one slide that turns grey.

This slide has 4 shapes that provide navigation to 4 sub sections. The home button is disabled until all 4 sections are visited. All that navigation seems to be working fine.

Any ideas what could be causing the background to change colour on publish?

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Katie Riggio

Oh no! Sorry you see that grey border, Mark.

Does the affected slide happen to have an image with the Zoom Picture function enabled? If so, we're currently looking into a potential bug where the Zoom Picture option adds a grey border around an image in Storyline.

Let me know if that condition matches your setup!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing your file, Mark!

I published to slide to Review 360 from Storyline 360, Update 25, where I see the same grey background. I don't see anything in the file that would cause the background to change in the published output, so I'd like to get a second opinion from our Support Engineers.

I've submitted your file to our team so we can sort what may be going on. They'll reach out to you by email shortly with their findings, and I'll also follow along!

Mike DiFonzo


Not sure if this will help since it's your slide background color that's the issue.  I had 4 rectangles that were all supposed to e the same background color but 1 kept changing colors.

I had support look into it but they couldn't see anything wrong. I ended up fixing the issue and all I did was rearrange the order on the timeline. For some reason, sending the object backwards fixed the color issue. Don't ask me why that would matter.


Mark Mitrione

Thanks again Katie! 

I actually received a response from one of the Customer Support Engineers who looked into my project file. He suspected that something was corrupted with the design theme and suggested changing it, which I did. Then I immediately changed it back to the one I was using previously. Did a publish to Review and the grey background was gone! Here's hoping it stays that way!

Thanks for everyone's input, I'm really impressed with the Articulate Community which has helped me resolve some tricky issues.


Katie Riggio

Hey, Mark. Glad to hear Jose was able to help! 

Our Support Engineers are rockstars at finding the source of such oddities. If you hit any more snags while building out your course, you know where to find us. 😊

Thanks for sharing your experience, Michael. Your willingness to help is what makes this community so unique. Please don't also hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Lauren Connelly

Hi all!

I am happy to report that we are not seeing this behavior in Storyline 360 (Build 3.49.24347.0):

  • Zoom picture adds a grey border to the image.

If you're still running into this snag, make sure you're using the latest version of Storyline 360.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us in this discussion or in a support case if you have additional questions!