Mystery hyperlinks

I am using Storyline via parallels on a mac.

I have a few places where when hovering over some text, the text highlights like there is a hyperlink.  But when you click, there is no linked page and when you edit and try to delete the hyperlink, there is nothing there.  I do not want a hyperlink.  So, I have tried deleting text and re-typing it and it is still there.  One time it jumped up a line.  Very strange behavior. 

How do I fix this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jessica and welcome to Heroes! 

It sounds like odd behavior, so I'd first suggest reviewing the directions here for working with Parallels, specifically the following:

  • Save and publish Articulate projects in the Windows environment, not the Mac. For example:C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\
  • Don't work from a network drive or an external USB drive. Doing so can result in file corruption or loss of resources.
  • Audio, video, and image resources must be located in the Windows environment, not the Mac. Copy and paste files you need for Articulate projects to the Windows environment prior to inserting them into your content.

Next, if you've confirmed you're following along with those guidelines, I'd see if the issue resolves itself by importing into a new Storyline project, and lastly I'd conduct a repair of Storyline.