Naming a motion path

Nov 10, 2016

Is there a way to re-name motion paths? I have about 10 motion paths on a slide and while as I build my animation it's relatively easy to keep track of what I'm doing I'm just imagining coming back after several weeks and trying to keep track of what object is associated with what motion path. 

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James Holt

I have had the same problem.

I usually have several projects that are in various stages of development, & have had a difficult time remembering how a specific slide functions. Some time ago I started using an off-screen textbox containing slide notes.

Off-screen slide notes usually contain interaction information and object timing notes.

Example:Interaction: This slide contains off-screen objects that control next slide navigation.” Followed by “Object Timing: Line Motion Path 1 is linked to object Btn-001, etc., Audio: 2A.mp3 = Snd-002-a 00.00s, 2B.mp3 = Snd-002-b 13.44s, and Slide Length = 21.9s.

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