Selecting Motion Paths

Hi all - 

I'm working on a slide that has an object coming in along Motion Path 1, and then retreating along Motion Path 2, back the direction it came.

I wanted to change some timing on the animation, and I'm having trouble selecting one of the Motion Paths, or even telling which one I have selected.  Since they overlap, i'm only able to select one.

Is there a way to select which motion path i'm editing without actually clicking on the path?  Or a quick way to get to that other path?

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Thorsten Holt

As I couldn´t use the trigger to show the correct path I have the following  solution.

I have many pathes and inversed ones laying exactly on top of the original ones.

I name the pathes clearly (i.e. "xxx path" and the other "xxx path inverse" then to swith with the tabkey (or SHIFT + Tabkey) between them. Then I click  exactly on the selection frame of the current selected path with the right mouse button to ensure it is the correct name of the path I want to edit.

Eric Benson

There has got to be a better way to select different paths including selecting the beginning and end points. I've got several line motion paths on a single object all in line with each other and overlapping. I'm getting carpal tunnel trying to select the endpoints of the right path. It's driving me crazy!!!!

Ken Showler

I 2nd the frustrations here: motion path selection, value editing, and visualization are all quite frustrating to use.  A selection list with point editing would be great, but even better  (or in addition to) when doing static animation I suggest visual keyframes on the timeline!  (AE style...I know you probably here "make it like AE" a lot...they've really perfected a lot of these conventions so hard to not!)

Next and related frustration:  zoom and fade keyframing for all object types!

On the positive side, the actual animations (with the start/end speed easing) that Storyline produces once you get through fussing with the paths..  looks really quite good!