Selecting Motion Paths

Hi all - 

I'm working on a slide that has an object coming in along Motion Path 1, and then retreating along Motion Path 2, back the direction it came.

I wanted to change some timing on the animation, and I'm having trouble selecting one of the Motion Paths, or even telling which one I have selected.  Since they overlap, i'm only able to select one.

Is there a way to select which motion path i'm editing without actually clicking on the path?  Or a quick way to get to that other path?

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Thorsten Holt

As I couldn´t use the trigger to show the correct path I have the following  solution.

I have many pathes and inversed ones laying exactly on top of the original ones.

I name the pathes clearly (i.e. "xxx path" and the other "xxx path inverse" then to swith with the tabkey (or SHIFT + Tabkey) between them. Then I click  exactly on the selection frame of the current selected path with the right mouse button to ensure it is the correct name of the path I want to edit.

Eric Benson

There has got to be a better way to select different paths including selecting the beginning and end points. I've got several line motion paths on a single object all in line with each other and overlapping. I'm getting carpal tunnel trying to select the endpoints of the right path. It's driving me crazy!!!!

Ken Showler

I 2nd the frustrations here: motion path selection, value editing, and visualization are all quite frustrating to use.  A selection list with point editing would be great, but even better  (or in addition to) when doing static animation I suggest visual keyframes on the timeline!  (AE style...I know you probably here "make it like AE" a lot...they've really perfected a lot of these conventions so hard to not!)

Next and related frustration:  zoom and fade keyframing for all object types!

On the positive side, the actual animations (with the start/end speed easing) that Storyline produces once you get through fussing with the paths..  looks really quite good!

Jay Cooper

I'd like to throw my voice into the mix as to the need for a better way to edit motion paths besides selecting them.  I'm using motion paths to move a group of three objects; two paths to move the objects "up" and two to move them "down".  All of the paths overlap and lining them up is getting frustrating. 

A panel that lets me select from a list of paths, and set precise start and end points would be great!

Another idea...the ability to tell an object to move along a path "From end A to end B, or from end B to end A"...that way you'd only need one path to move an object back and forth.

Jay Cooper

Katie...thank you very much for the response.  I'd appreciate some insight, if you can provide it, on what Articulate is working on regarding making motion paths easier to manipulate.  This thread is 6-years old, and I've seen other posts expressing some of the same frustrations.  If Articulate is working on something I'd be curious to know what it is.


sarah rydgren

I'm also stuck with overlapping motion paths.  It's so frustrating.. and literally delaying my deadline.  I don't understand why when you click the trigger object it isn't highlighted or why it doesn't show the different motion paths in the timeline.  I even named all my paths and tried to sort it that way with triggers, now only some of them work and not all, when before my path was just skipping one.