Pausing and Restarting Complex Freeform Motion Paths

Apr 25, 2023

I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to start and stop a complex, winding, freeform motion path.

Here's the scenario. I want the learners to "journey" on a looping road (attached) stopping along the way to highlight information and the steps involved. Is there a way to pause and continue movement along a freeform motion path? I have tried multiple motion paths with no success. The safety cones represent places that the group would stop before continuing the journey. 

Thanks for any help or direction you can provide!

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Walt Hamilton

When you say no success, what do you mean? Assuming the journey stops at each place in order, the best method is to use multiple paths.

Start the object at the start point, and create the path1. Then move the object to the endpoint of path1, and create path2. Be certain to set path2 to a relative start point.

Moving the object makes it much easier to create the exact path you want. You can easily place the start of path2 to the end of path1. Use the X and Y position of the endpoiint of path1, and set the X,Y position of the object to those values. Then create the path, and it will be in the same location. Starting with a relative start point moves the object on the path from where ever it is, so there is no visual jump.