Selecting Motion Paths

Jan 15, 2015

Hi all - 

I'm working on a slide that has an object coming in along Motion Path 1, and then retreating along Motion Path 2, back the direction it came.

I wanted to change some timing on the animation, and I'm having trouble selecting one of the Motion Paths, or even telling which one I have selected.  Since they overlap, i'm only able to select one.

Is there a way to select which motion path i'm editing without actually clicking on the path?  Or a quick way to get to that other path?

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Matthew Bailey

Hi! It looks like there hasn't been an update to this feature since it was requested over five years ago. I'm seeing comments in this thread from 5+ years ago to as recently as two months ago, and searching the forums and online doesn't turn anything up. There certainly does not appear to be anyway to access a list (e.g., selection pane) for motion paths within an object. This is very much needed!