Navigating from Hidden Slides to the Landing Slide


In a course we developed, we have one slide which has three clickable icons. When the user clicks the icons, he/she will go to the corresponding hidden slides. After viewing one hidden slide, to move to the next hidden slide, the user has to click a back button added on the screen (not the back button on the player) which would take the user to the landing slide with the clickable icons. Now the issue we are facing here is, the landing slide has audio and animation. When the audio of the landing slide is completed, the users are allowed to click the icons to go to the hidden slides. So when the user clicks the back button from the hidden slides to go to the landing slide, I don't want the landing slide to start over from the beginning; it should stay in the state the user left it. However, if somebody navigates to this landing slide using the back/next button on the player, I want this landing slide to start over (as it should ideally).  

So, in short, here is what I am looking for:

1) While navigating to the landing slide from a hidden slide using a custom back button on the screen, the landing slide should be where I left it.

2) While navigating to the landing slide from another normal slide using the prev/next button in the player, the landing slide should start over. 

Is this possible?

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Neelima Menon

Hi Sheena,


Thanks for the reply. We have used the option "reset to initial state" for navigating to the landing slide from the Player buttons. However, while navigating to the landing slide from the custom buttons on the screen, we want the slide to be in "resume saved state". Is there any option for that?

Matthew Bibby

Hi Neelima,

Try this:

  • Create a new layer on your landing slide that contains just the three buttons (without the audio and animations etc).
  • Make sure your landing slide is set to "reset to initial state" when revisited, as this will take care of things when the user navigates to the slide via another normal slide.
  • Then create a T/F variable that defaults to False.
  • Assign a trigger to your custom back button that changes this variable to True when pressed.
  • Add a new trigger to your landing slide that will show the layer you created if your variable is equal to True.
  • You'll also need to reset the T/F variable after the slide has been completed. You could do this with a trigger on the next (and previous) slides.

Hope that helps you figure things out.