Navigation based on quiz response

I have a slide that is basically a true/false question.  The response to this question will result in a pass/fail for the course.  I have a result slide where I have hidden the results but want one of two layer on that slide to show depending on whether the user has passed/failed.  I can't quite figure out how to do this.  Also, I have the quiz set to "set to initial state" when revisited, as we give the user an opportunity to change their mind.  I would really appreciate your help.

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Kirsti Harris

Hi Janice. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to do, you should be able to do it with the regular 'graded results slide'.  By default it creates two layers (success and failure) that are triggered automatically based on the user's score on the question(s) it's counting.  You can simply change the layers to look however you want - like add a blank background square so the layer covers more (or all) of the results slide, etc.  As for allowing the user to change their response, in the 'options' section of the results slide (one of the tabs you find when you click 'edit results slide'), you can check off 'allow user to retry quiz'.  Hope this helps.

Janice Pericich

Thank you. I was working from a course originally designed by someone else, so I did go ahead and create the graded results slide as described. My other question is that the results slide automatically has a trigger that says to submit when the timeline for that slide begins. So if they select the retry quiz button, which resets the results and sends them to the question slide where they change their response and resubmit. Does the LMS get both the first result (which was submitted when the timeline began) and the second result after they changed their response?

Would it be better to have the results submitted when they click and Exit button?