Stoyline quiz problem

Jun 03, 2012


In a scene i create 5 quiz slides with no result slide (not interresting with numeric result)

I want user click a response and then process show a layer or jump to a slide with full explanation on the question.

First I create a custom submit button on the slide with the trigger "submit interaction.... when the user clicks". 

Second I create a second trigger "jump to slide XXX when the user clicks" on this OK button and i put it in the list in second position after the first one created

When i run the scene, the first trigger works but never the second.

It is possible to do that with Storyline ? a question => submit result => explanation slide => another question => submit result => another explanation slide...

How SL set order of the question in the quiz. Is it created order based ? slide 1 => slide 2 => slide 3.... or is it possible to manually order questions : slide 2 => slide 1 => slide 4....

Thanks for help

Jean-Luc Derrien

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