Navigation button text misaligned

Apr 14, 2021

I just noticed this in the last few days.
The navigation button text is set too high. 
I attached an image with an older version on the right, and the new (bad) version on the left.

Both of these are using the default Lato font.
It shows this way in preview mode and once published.

Any reason for this or a fix?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Casey!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I'm noticing the same on my end with the navigation text and arrows. Here's a screenshot of what this looks like in Storyline 360 (Build 3.50.24668.0):

I'm going to log this as a bug with my team but first, do you mind sharing which version of Storyline you are using? Additionally, have you noticed this in every project or just a specific project?

I appreciate your help in troubleshooting this issue!