Navigation menu freezes screen

Nov 14, 2013

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I created a branched navigation menu that allows users to advance to one of three areas with the help I found in this post (Can you use variables with an audio track?). I have three audio files that play based on a variable (initially set to 1) that is incremented each time a selection is made.


Section status == 1 (Click one of the options. Click NEXT when you have visited all three.

Section status= = 2 (Select another option.)

Section status == 3 (Now that you have viewed all three options, click next to continue.)


 I have attached the navigation slide.


My users, many of whom have older and slower machines) are reporting that the screen is freezing at this navigation point (I am not seeing this behavior). Can anyone help me understand why this is happening and what I can do about it?

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Adrian Dean

Hi Glenda,

I don't notice anything off in the navigation slide you attached. I think the issue will come down to what your users are using to view your content. With that in mind, I have some questions.

What kinds of browsers are your users using? Which versions? What version of Flash Player is being used? Which browsers are you using? Which versions? Which version of Flash Player are you using?

Always Happy to Help,


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