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Apr 29, 2015

Good day,

In an attempt to make a course 508 compliant with no keyboard traps I set up some basic triggers in my Storyline file:

Move to next slide when user clicks the right arrow key for example.

This seems to work well outside of using JAWS but I've found when I open JAWS to read the screen, its own keyboard commands take over such that if I hit the right arrow key, the screen reader will read the next letter in the narration rather than moving to the next slide.

I did some research and found specific keyboard commands for JAWS and in the example above, clicking ALT + Right arrow should allow you to move forward to the next slide. No problem I thought, I'll just change the trigger to accept that command.

Unfortunitly the keyboard command programed in Storyline seems to be overridden by the keyboard command with JAWS. Does anyone know how to marry the two together so that if I use the ALT + right arrow command as a trigger is Storyline, it will actually move the to the next slide? Currently the screen reader says "forward" out loud, but the slides do not advance. I could be missing something simple, I hope...


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darren,

Are you able to try it without JAWS enabled just to confirm that the trigger is working? Also I know JAWS is fairly specific in terms of needing to run in the latest version of JAWS, and Internet Explorer - also JAWS needs to be started before the course is started. Additionally are you able to navigate other parts of the course using JAWS and it's just this one trigger that isn't working? 

Darren D

Good morning.

Thanks Ashley for getting back so quickly.

Interestingly enough I tried it without the JAWS reading activated and the "alt + right arrow" didn't seem to work as a trigger, BUT the right arrow on its own seemed to still work (although I changed the trigger to include the ALT + right arrow).

I'm using storyline 2, is there anything that I might be missing programing these triggers?
Much appreciated!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darren,

Thanks for sharing your file, and I was able to publish and test it here at SCORM Cloud. I was able to use the ALT + Right arrow key to navigate to the next slide (I only tested that first slide where I saw all the triggers set up) and it worked normally. I didn't run it with JAWS open, but if you want to take a look at my version let me know how it behaves for you. It's also worth noting I was testing in Chrome so I also took a look at it in IE and that key trigger combination did not seem to work there. I was able to use all the other key triggers, but I know that key triggers can be a bit particular as they could be associated with browser actions as well. 

Parvez Rafi


Thanks Ashley for your response. I tested my published story on IE 11 using JAWS 17, as already suggested in another thread. I figured out that keys such arrow keys, which are used by JAWS itself, cannot be used as triggers in SL2, as these keys get overridden by JAWS controls. I ended up using ctrl+backspace and ctrl+enter for my slide navigation triggers. 

Fern McCracken

I am also preparing a tutorial where I need to create keyboard triggers that will allow learners to navigate to the next screen and select images on the screen.  Is there a how-to video that you could direct me to?  I am struggling with understanding how Jaws works.  Is there a Jaws reader that I can download and test my published files?


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