Issue with Text not being read as an accessibility feature - Articulate 360

May 10, 2023

We tested our content with JAWS screen reader and JAWS 2023.

We noticed that the screen reader only reads/highlights interactive elements and nothing happens to images/text even with keyboard Up/Down arrow.

With JAWS application, it works well with tab order and keyboard UP/Down arrow. However, the issue is that when the arrow is pressed, it does not highlight the right location/shape/size of the text box. Also, the text box gets distributed/breaks in multiple highlights/key strokes, because of that it reads/breaks text in between the paragraphs.

Basically, it is not functioning in the ideal way as it used to in SL 3. 

I have attached the sample files here. 

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Eric Santos

Hi Juily,

I see that Phil has got you covered here. I just want to share the results of my tests with your Storyline project file using JAWS 2023 and uploaded to SCORM Cloud. Here's a quick Peek recording of my results. JAWS read the Alternate text defined in the textbox object from beginning to end.

Let me know if you see the same behavior on your end so that we can address the issue better.

I appreciate your patience!

Juily Gite

Hi Eric, 

Thanks for your response! Our core problem is that, jaws, supernova does not read the text completely, It stops in between the paragraph (there are multiple instances marked in the file for ref) and when arrow is pressed again it continues from where it left. Attached the file for reference.