Navigation where users cannot advance until the timeline is complete

Jun 01, 2021

Hi -- i have a simple file that has triggers for each slide so that the learner cannot click next until the timeline ends.  The triggers is disable the next button when the timeline starts and return to normal when timeline ends.  In the player i have selected restricted and the slide properties are set to advance by user and when revisiting resume saved state (I had it as automatically decide and it was acting the same way).  The problem is that when you click previous you go back to the previous slide but nothing happens and the next button is grayed out.  And then you can't proceed.  Also clicking the rewind button does work and I also have the seekbar locked.  Any advice? This is a previous file with audio that i made a few changes, saved as a new file and none of the changes were to the slide properties or navigation options and i did not have this issue before. 

Please help!

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Tom Kuhlmann

I didn't take a long look, but here's what I think is happening. 

When you jump back after viewing the slide and it's set to resume state, the slides starts at the end and timeline never really gets to move.

However, you have a trigger to disable the next button. But since the timeline is at the end, it never does anything. And you locked the slide so the user can't move the  seekbar.

I'd set the slide to reset to initial state. And then use a variable to track if the slide has been visited. Then set the trigger to change the state of the next button to hidden when timeline starts on the condition the slide hasn't been visited (which you know from the variable).

This way, the first time it's all locked, but afterwards, the next button is available and the slide plays as you want it to.

Judy Nollet

Hi, Christine,

Since you have the navigation set to Restricted in the Player, you don't need any triggers on the slides to control the Next button.

As for revisiting, I'd probably keep the Slide Properties at "Resume saved state" to ensure the timeline (and the audio) don't replay.

For more info about controlling the Next button, see this post: