Ned help with variables for a prize center interaction

Feb 09, 2017

Hello -

I've created a prize module designed to incent learners to complete certain parts of a program.  When the learner completes a section or challenge, they click a prize center button that takes them to an interaction where they click on checkboxes to mark the challenges complete. 

There are 16 challenges for them to check complete.  I have the variables for each checkbox set to a specific value (5).  There is a sumbit button on the page that when selected, adds the variables.  Each increment of 15 unlocks a prize icon, which they can click and access fun videos, games, etc. 

The problem I'm having is accounting for mis-clicks.  Even with using the submit button as the trigger to calculate the point total, it is still adding mis-click values so that more than the appropriate prize icon is unlocked. 

Anybody have a way to account for mis-clicks here?


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Walt Hamilton

Even worse, if a checkbox is selected, then deselected, the variable is still set, and that value is always added. What I would do is delete the triggers on the checkboxes that set those variables (unless you need them for some other purpose). I would set the tirggers on the key to Add 5 to ChallengeTally if checkbox 2 is selected.

I can see a need for the variables under two circumstances:

If you want to vary the values of the challenges, or

If these challenges are in the module and you want to mark them as completed when they are finished. Then the variables could be used to pre-populate the checkboxes.

PS Where did you get the bubblewrap?

Stephanie McClellan

Thanks Walt, I tried moving the checkbox calculations to the key, but am still having trouble getting the states on the prize level buttons to change correctly. . . what am I missing?

And, I got the bubblewrap here. . .

Dave Cox

Hi S.,

Looking at your project, it appears that you are performing all of your calculations when the button with the key is clicked. To ensure you calculations are correct, add a trigger at the top of the list to initialize the variable to 0. This will insure that you calculation is correct. I've made this change for you.

If you want to disable prizes when the number decreases, you will need to initialize the state of each prize button to state disabled as well when the key is pressed.

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