Next button not re-enabling

Oct 18, 2022

I am having trouble with my next button.  I disable it at the start of timeline.

I have 8 items on the slide I want the user to click before the next button returns to normal.  I have created true/false variables for each layer.  Then I created the conditions to have the next button to change to normal when user clicks an icon or button, if the condition of all variables are true and I added this to every item the user clicks on the slide..  

The next button does not enable until the user clicks all buttons + 1 more?   I cannot figure out why they need to click all and then 1 more button.  Can anyone help?

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Judy Nollet

I agree with Joanne's advice: change the state of NEXT to Normal when all 8 items are Visited

This shows how that type of trigger would look (but with just 3 items to click): 


If you're not using buttons with default Visited states, add your own Visited state to each item.

  • When you add the Built-In Visited state, the program will automatically change the object to Visited when the user clicks it.


FYI: Here's more info and a demo about various ways to control the Next button: