Need a little direction

I would like to achieve the following, and want to know if storyline is the correct tool for this.

I want to create technical training programs for the aviation industry, for both desktops and for the iPad, if possible.

Many of the slides would be straight text and graphics, some would be interactive. I would love to be able to create simple interactive animations to illustrate how certain mechanisms operate.

I want to have  the user be able to download the content to their device to be trained offline (a must in aviation), but at the same time, I need absolute protection against content theft.

Also, I need the status of the course to be relayed back to the training manager, showing quiz scores.

 Can courses be built to offer this level of protection? Can I design a course to have a built-in expiration date?

Is my plan  o have the content be usable offline an insurmountable challenge, given that I have high requirements for protection?



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Matthew Graham

1. Storyline is great for creating content, both interactive and straight forward.  If all you need is simple animations, it's okay, but it's one of its weaknesses.

2.  I know the iPad player has on option for offline viewing, but I haven't had any experience with it.  I've heard it's pretty good.

3.  As far as recording information and creating expiration dates, there was a recent discussion here on learning and course management systems.

I've used Adobe's Captivate for a lot of technical training, but I think it's as doable with Storyline as it is with anything else.   As far as protection goes, you'll need to do some research to find out what works best for your situation, but again, it's doable.

Wayne Vermillion

Brian, you've ordered quite a large dinner. Others will be chiming in, as Matthew did, and here are some thoughts on the security and reporting side dishes.

To report scores, you'll need some kind of learning management system (LMS), I'm mostly sure. I suspect it's possible for a user to take a lesson offline (not connected to the LMS), and then have the score reported the next time the user connects to the LMS, but I don't immediately know a specific LMS that enables after-the-fact reporting. Google might help.

An LMS would also control timed availability in particular, and subscription eligibility in general.

To report mere completion, no score, with or without an LMS, the Tin Can API allows after-the-fact reporting from an intermittently connected device (including the iPad). However, the completion flag is the only datum reported. Query the very helpful folks at ""  to let them consider your needs. They seem to know something about nearly every LMS and development tool on the planet. Articulate's Storyline enables that API, by the way.

Regarding content security, bear in mind that a determined thief can brute-force plagiarize using repeated screen captures from which they could share/re-create content. This would be especially true for the wide variety of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) users you envision. The good news is that once in published format, an Articulate lesson is not editable.