Need assistance with Quiz layer-Attempts

Chayuch (Greetings) to all,

After many attempts at "playing" around with the [When revisiting: Reset to initial state] on the base and corresponding layers. I'd thought I reach out to the community for assistance.

It is becoming a challenge to achieve the following:

- User has 2 attempts which to successfully drop and drag.

  1. First incorrect attempt; show layer "Try Again. You have 1 try left"
  2. 2nd incorrect attempt; show layer "Incorrect. 0 tries left. Click review button"

I can't seem to successfully move the user to the "Incorrect layer to review answers" after the 2nd failed attempt.

The show Correct layer is fine.

Thanks in advance for the many helps.

Please see attached file.

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JJ Adams

I think you were getting stuck in a loop.  Since the number of tries was set to 2, but the base layer is resetting to initial, it keeps resetting the number of tries.  I've attached one way of doing what I think you are trying to accomplish.  You could probably also do something with variables.  Happy New Year!


Chayuch (Greetings) JJ Adams,

Thank you for responding and your "work around".


  1. Please help me to understand why you deleted the Drop/Drag submit interaction and added the Line Motion Paths if Drop/Drag worked successfully.
  2. For whatever the reason, when selecting a draggable object, one of the objects moves (hides) behind another. I tested this twice and both time this occurred.

Otherwise, you did successfully executed the attempts properly.

I'm now playing around with creating different variables to perform the task now. However, it appears to be a "reset" issue...I think!

Again, thank you for your time.



JJ Adam,

I set the base layer to reset to initial so that the objects would reset. However, you are correct this is only resetting the number of tries back to 1...a perpetual loop :-)

Since I do not have a Result slide, I'm unable to use Trigger action "Reset result".

I appears I'll need to create a variable.

This is fun, huh? Well,  I think so!

JJ Adams

I added the motion paths to reset them to their original positions since I turned off the "reset to initial" setting.  For this new version, I did a quick variable that will in a sense short circuit the articulate one that is tracking the attempts.  I also reinstated the "reset to initial."  I have a counter running that determines how many times the try again layer has come up.  On the second time, it will immediately show the incorrect layer instead.  These are just a couple of ways.  Someone else may be able to chime in with another option.  Hope that helps!


Chayuch (greetings) JJ Adams!

I've reviewed your version (3) and have this to say, "FAN-TAS-TIC".

I can see the 4_wiper variable you created and the Show layer trigger w/condition and they are "brilliant".

I want to be like you when I grow up!

I forgot to add, that your next cup of Matcha tea (or your fav beverage) is on me.


Chayuch JJ Adams,

Question on your last drop/drag revision.

In the Trigger area, on the Try Again slide, there are two trigger names; Layer Triggers and Try Again.

I've recreated this drop/drag to make sure that I can execute what I've understood. However, though I've added the variable and the Show layer, they are not showing up under Layer Trigger, but under Try Again which is the slide layer.

1. How did you get the Layer Triggers?

2. Would it matter if mine doesn't state 'Layer Triggers' but all the actions for the Try Again layer is there?

3. If I recreate another drop/drag with a new name, can I point to the 4_wiper variable that you create? Or, do I need to create a new variable?

Thanks much!