need bookmarking to perticuler pages

Aug 07, 2014

Hi all,

can any one tell me how to avoid bookmarking for particular pages?

i have a scenario where 10 questions comes after intro page. but i dont want bookmarking for that 10 questions. whenever user exits in between these 10 questions, user must goes to intro page when he/she clicks on bookmarking popup, after re-launch.

there seems some default functionality for bookmarking, which i cannot change.

Please tell me if any one knows about it.

thanks in advance.

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Greg Faust


Could you explain what you mean by "bookmarking"? I couldn't remember anything called bookmarking in Storyline, and this page suggests that the thing Articulate thinks of as bookmarking does not exist in Storyline.

If you mean On Resume behavior, yes, it's controlled in the Player menu, under "Other". You can make it auto-restart, auto-resume, or prompt the user.

Context clues suggest maybe you want "Prompt to resume", but you want custom behavior if the user quit during the quiz? I know this can be done with triggers, but I would have to do a bit of testing and debugging to figure out the details. If someone knows this off the top of their head, that would be easier.

sachin patil

Hey Greg,

thanks for reply.

yes, I am talking about resume behavior. i am just expecting to control resume behavior of course. i would like to resume course on particular page though i exit course from that page. normaly if you exit from 5th page (consider there is 10 pages.), on resuming you jump on 5th page. and i am expecting as if i exit from 5th page, it should resume on 1st page.

have you or any one tried this kind of functionality.

sachin patil

Hi Phil,

I also came to same solution but this seems pretty complex functionality. for the same, i need to figure out whether user came from bookmarking or starting from start, then i can implement my logic.

i was hoping a solution from Storyline itself.

And thanks for reply, you realize me that we have same thinking.

Greg Faust

Please let us know what you come up with, as this is something I'd like to know how to do.

In my head, I'm running through the triggers I would use, and I'm finding it difficult to check whether the user just reloaded the player. So, for example, quiz slide 3 loads up. This could have happened because:

  1. User clicked "Next" or "Continue" on quiz slide 2
  2. User clicked "Prev" on quiz slide 4
  3. User clicked Quiz 3 on the menu (from ANY slide)
  4. User had been on quiz slide 3, quit, and reloaded the player

I need a "Go back to intro slide" trigger that activates if and only if the fourth is true. As far as I know, though, the player is zealous about setting everything exactly how it was when the presentation resumes, so it's difficult to tell the difference between possibilities 3 and 4.

I've thought of two avenues to investigate:
1) See whether javascript manually added after publication can be used to feed a "True" value to a "DidPlayerJustLoad" variable.

2) Take advantage of the fact that, if there's no seekbar, a slide won't normally reload from itself. When a slide begins, it will have come from another slide. The exception is if the entire presentation has been reloaded and resumed. One variable plus a trigger on each slide can track what slide the learner is on. Another trigger right before that trigger can check to see whether the learner just came from the slide they're already on (and if so, send them back to the beginning).

I haven't tested either method, though, so I don't know what will work.

sachin patil

Yes Greg. as you said there are 4 possibilities.

i was thinking as i need to detect if bookmarking is present or not using javascript (using GetBookmark() function in API.js) and using that result i need build my logic.


1. i need to land course on any page to add javascript trigger. and before that there is resume popup when you relaunch course.

2. on resume popup, you dont have control on it's "yes" and "no" buttons. so again its difficult to find whether user lands on same page by clicking on "yes" button or starts fresh course by clicking on "no" button.

so setting variables for bookmarking seems impossible. if you get this variable, it will be easy to jump on specific slide to avoid specific pages.

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