Need comprehensive results slides for testing deficiencies

Mar 23, 2021

Need to create comprehensive results slide that shows what areas the learner is deficient on. It's for EKG testing with a test bank of 85 questions and random pull of 20 questions. Is this possible to do with variables? 


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Jesi,

Yes, it's possible with variables that track how the questions were answered and what area(s) each question is related to. 

For example, let's say there are five areas, which we'll simply call A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5. Assign each a number variable with an initial value of 0. 

On each question, add a trigger that adds 1 to the corresponding area variable IF the user answered incorrectly. (If the questions provide immediate feedback, this trigger could go on the Incorrect layer. Otherwise, you'll need triggers to check the correct/incorrect status.) If a question relates to more than one area, use a trigger to adjust each corresponding variable.

After the quiz, present info based on the value of the variables. For example, if A1 >= 2, show the learner that that is an area where they're deficient. (Obviously, you'll have to determine how many wrong answers constitute "deficient.") 

Also, be sure to adjust the value of the variables back to 0 before the user retries the quiz. 

Good luck!

Judy Nollet

You add 1 to the variable (i.e., increase its value by 1) for each wrong answer. The variable starts at 0. After the first wrong answer, adding 1 would make the value 1. After the second wrong answer, adding 1 would make the value 2. Etc. etc. etc.

Thus, after the user answers their 20 questions, the variables will indicate how many wrong answers the user had in each area. And you program the feedback about deficiencies accordingly.