Need formatting help with money equations

I have a course that explores multiple formulas prior to having the learners apply their formula knowledge to scenarios. These are all retail formulas which either need to be displayed as a percentage or dollar value.

I've looked through the forums to find out how to correctly format the results. Here are my assumptions.

  1. I need to do basic math so I must use numeric variables.
  2. I cannot force numeric variables to round to two decimals (this is done automatically for text variables but I can't use text variables per #1).

Is there any work around that anyone's found? If not, I know others have been encouraged to submit an enhancement request. Does it help to have multiple people submit for the same request?

Thank you! Jennifer

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Jennifer!

Sounds like you've already shown yourself around and found the answers you're looking for. Your assumptions are correct at this time, and we definitely encourage you to submit your own feature requests for anything that you feel will enrich your user experience - it's how our development team knows what's important to our users, and consequentially, what makes Storyline such an amazing tool!

Thanks for your input :)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carrie! Thanks for submitting your feature request

As far as the JavaScript, this is not something that Articulate would help you with, but someone in the community may be able to. If you want to post in one of the threads where you saw that, or start another thread and be sure to put the word JavaScript in the Subject line, then I'm sure that you can probably get some assistance with what you are trying to accomplish.