Need help creating a 10-Question Pre-Assessment Template

May 26, 2023

Hello –

I am a new subscription holder using StoryLine 360 for the first time as part of my school consultancy assignment.  I need a jumpstart so that I do not spend too much time swirling.  My goal is to create a course that includes 5 modules (Pre-Assessment, Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, and Final Assessment). I have watched several startup videos and have successfully created a base framework. 

I need help with the Pre-Assessment module.  I inserted slides based on the types of questions to be included in the assessment: True/False, Drag and Drop and, Multiple Choice.  I need to know if all the slides are connected such that at the end of the test, I will see a final score based on the 10 questions I intend to include.  I question my setup because when I publish the Storyline I do not see any reference lets say to “Question 1 of 10”, etc.  Can you please help me setup the assessment?  This is a time-sensitive request so any support you provide is greatly appreciated. 


Here is a link to my current StoryLine.



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