Need help for synchronize video and sound

Hi everyone!

I've a very "simple" problem : one video, one sound in one scene.

One button "Play", one button "Stop".

I'd like that when I click on "Play" : the video and the sound play ; when I click on "Pause", these medias pause ; and when I click again on "Play", they continue from where they were (and not from the beginning...).

At the moment, the first click on Play is ok : the video and the sound are launched.

But when click on Pause, only the sound pauses. The video is still playing (while a trigger asks it to pause).

And when I click again on Play : the video starts from the beginning and the sound continues to play...

Any idea of what is going wrong?

Please find in attached my damned file

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Mike Enders

Hi Claire,

It looks like your video is an SWF.  It could be that the SWF has some logic programmed into it that's not allowing it to be paused (therefore, it auto replays).  

Another possibility:  Did you insert your SWF as a video or as a Flash object?   If you inserted it as a Flash object, try inserting as a Video instead.  This may clear the issue.