Need Help: Freeform Pick Many is not working properly

Nov 21, 2017

Good afternoon everyone, 

I am still learning storyline 360, therefore forgive me if this is something I should have done for the interaction to work properly. 

I have a slide with a freeform pick many interaction. It includes 17 pictures of different clothing articles, which include a thumb up/down icon. The learner needs to indicate whether or not the cloth articles are allowed in the office environment by selecting either the thumb up or down icon included with each picture. However, at the moment the learner can submit the answers without selecting all the correct and or incorrect choices on the slide, as long as they select at least one choice. I need the learner to pick a correct/incorrect choice for each picture before they are able to submit the interaction. 

Attached is the sample interaction. 

I need the learner to pick

Thank you in advance for your help. 


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Anna Grillo

Hi Liena, 

Welcome to the ELH community! Thanks for letting us take a look at your file. 

If you'd like to prevent learners from moving on until they've selected an answer for each article of clothing, try adding a trigger to change the state of the submit button to disabled when the timeline starts. You'll want to add another trigger to change the state of the submit button to normal when the state of each article of clothing is NOT equal to normal (i.e., when they've all been changed to correct or incorrect by the learner). 

See attached for those triggers in action, and feel free to post back here if you have any other questions. 

Good luck with your project!


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