Player Submit Button Dimmed

Jul 18, 2014


I am building a course with a lot of Freeform activities (mostly Pick Ones).

Some of the Pick One feedback screens display the Player SUBMIT button as dimmed.

Other Pick One feedback screens display the Player SUBMIT button as it appears on previous Choice screen - not dimmed but non-functioning.

I need to make this consistent across all Freeform activities.

We have a strong preference of SUBMIT appearing greyed-out/dimmed/ghosted (and non-functional) on all feedback screens.

It seems the inconsistency lies in the following:

The Pick One activities with Incorrect/Correct (one correct/one incorrect feedback screen) function properly - dimmed SUBMIT on feedback screens

However, some of our activities require 3 selections:

- One correct feedback

- Two separate incorrect feedbacks, each with different feedback text.

I am handling these as Pick One's and adding an additional Incorrect Feedback layer.

Within the Pick One Edit window, I do not see a second incorrect feedback as an option.

Is there a better way to handle this?

BTW my client wants to use the Player SUBMIT, so adding my own is not an option.


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