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Oct 14, 2012

I have videos in my slides, and at the end of each one, the user should have to click to continue.. so I put a button that fills the screen and make it invisible.

The first problem is that the hand symbol is constantly there, I can't make my video un-clickable, is there any way to do this?

Also, this button does not work 6/7 times. Clicking at the end of the first slide's video just restarts that slide over and over, though eventually it will go to the next one.

That's in preview atleast. After publishing, it only plays the first half a second of the slide, and repeats over and over when clicked indefinitely.

I also need to make mouse over buttons with images.. the lack of control and undos etc makes image placement a complete nightmare in this software, but complaining aside, I set up the only apparent way to make this work.. so I put my image on a second layer above, add an oval hotspot which is set to reveal this layer on mouseover.
It does not. No image appears.
I noticed the timeline is at different lengths when you are on different layers which is a bit bizarre.. I made sure the image was lined up with that specific area of the end of the slide with some overlap to no avail.

I found the rollover buttons in the States tab for normal buttons, though it actually doesn't seem to work either.. I make all the buttons No Fill and No Lines so I can have my image only come in with the mouse over (it's basically things in the video lighting up), but when I roll the mouse over this button, absolutely nothing happens..

I also seem completely unable to find any form of feedback on video length whatsoever and they just randomly resize as they please.. The only solution I can possibly find to restore a video to it's original length is to delete everything in the slide and re-import it, totally nuts.. =/

 Anyhow, if anyone has solutions for this problems, you will save me a lot of pain as currently the software appears to be so broken it is unusable like it's in Alpha testing..

Thanks for your time,


Edit: OK, it's actually starting to freak me out now. If I disable visibility or even move the position of any video, in Preview it's ALWAYS centred, and ALWAYS visible. Also no buttons can show on top of my video even though they are the top layers.

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Phil Mayor

Hi Tony

If you want to get rid of the hand add a hotspot instead and =right click, and uncheck show hand cursor, the hand is there to say something is interactive and is a common UI reference point.  Its sounds like your trigger is incorrect posting the slide would help or a screen shot of the trigger pane.

If you use no fill and no stroke there is no button there so it will not work.

There is no need to use buttons and rework them as all objects can have states and all objects can potentially be buttons.

All layers have their own timeline as this only starts when the timeline is visible.  For objects to immediately be visible they would need to be at the beginning of that layer timeline

 It would help to add in your video slide so we can see what is going on, it sounds a bit strange to me.  

When you are aligning objects in states the is a cross hair to show you 0,0, but you can also right click size and position and align this way.

Videos are inserted at the length they are if you right click edit you can crop and resize the video, sounds like you are trying to change the length of the video in the timeline, which is not really good practice.

Hope this helps


Tony Ganner

Thanks Phil,

The hand thing really helps, so I can now have no hand until the end of a section of video, so I've put a hotspot the length of the slide to block it which is great, but now I've realised my button is not clickable if the mouse is already on it when it appears, which of-course it is because it's the whole screen.. I have to move the mouse off the screen and back onto it to activate the hand when I want it clickable, is there a workaround for this?
I considered creating loads of little continue buttons but it just wouldn't be perfect and would probably clog up the code and slow everything down, right?

Also thanks for explaining the Stroke thing to me, I thought that was just colour! I have my buttons working properly now, nice one!

As for my buttons states, it just seems the most convenient way to do it really.. I've got little images of things glowing that I have to line up with the video. Also got that working now with the Stroke thing.

And thanks for explaining about layers, that's an interesting way for them to work indeed.. you could potentially create an entire project in one slide like that I guess.

Regretfully I cannot show you the project as I've signed an NDA, but I can tell you that it's basically a hell of a lot of 3D animation that's had some extensive compositing on top of it to ultimately make something interactive that looks awesome, just a few things lighting up here and there to be clicked with constant pauses for awaiting user input. Whole things over 5 minutes long and will be over 70 slides, it's been an insane amount of work lol, taken me half a year.

Also that position thing does look useful, thank you.

Ah yeah that's what I was saying with the videos.. sucks that there's not even some form of marking at the length of the video so that if they get accidentally resized by a button being resized over the border then atleast you could put them back instead of having to scrap and recreate the entire slide, a bit excessive even for lack of an undo function lol it feels like getting a Game Over screen when playing a Megadrive.

Anyhow, thank you for all your help, I can't believe that every problem I had could be solved so easily, I feel like a right idiot, was almost about to give up and ask the client if they'd switch back to Captivate haha!
You've made a world of difference mate.

Phil Mayor

Hi Tony

You can make a whole course in 1 slide if you want, during the beta programme we had a bit of a competition to do just that.

With your video could you make a continue button appear when the video ends using the when media completes trigger?

There is undo built into storyline it also a little flaky but you can undo most of the time.

Tony Ganner

Haha that must have been interesting!
Hmm I might give that a go, though I'm not too bothered just putting a short button at the end as is since that method would mean reselecting the video each time right..? There's a lot of video.
Ah yeah, but it just undoes creating things, not even deleting things apparently.. I'm more used to things like Maya where you can undo every single action performed down to the tiniest insignificant attribute changes and even camera movements, the only thing you cant undo is saving/loading lol, bit of a control freak with software I guess but I love it lol. 

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