Need help on Pick Many interaction

I have a pick many interaction with 9 boxes having different states - hover, down, visited and selected. A combination of 4 picks makes the correct answer. I have it set to allow for 3 attempts.

I need to have the boxes reset to their initial states when "trying again". I put a trigger on the Try Again feedback button to jump to the same slide so it resets fine, but then I get caught in a loop of trying again and again, instead of being limited to 3 attempts.

I've attempted to write a variable to fix this but I'm really lost. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Ideally the variable would reset only the wrong choices, leaving the correct ones in their selected state, but I'm probably getting in too deep with that.

I'm working in the current version of Storyline 360.

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Michael Hinze

Without seeing the file it's hard to make a suggestion, but is sounds like you need triggers to reset the incorrect choices AND a variable that counts the number of tries. It might just be an issue with trigger order. If you can share your .story file or that one slide here, someone will have a look and help.

Charles Radanovich

Hi Michael,

I've added a "Wrong" state on the 4 incorrect choices, but can't figure out how to show it.

When you hit Try Again, I'd like the selections that were made to be highlighted (the select state) and the wrong answers to show the wrong state (the grey). If that's not possible, I'd at least like the wrong ones to revert to their initial state so the user can see where they got things right.

Any advice would be appreciated. I am lost when it comes to variables & conditions.

Charles Radanovich

Thanks Michael,

This is working fine now. I see there is no variable written, only a condition. I would not have intuitively written it that way -- why would it say normal if it's equal to Wrong?

Does that just mean the Wrong state equals "normal" for that state when specifying a wrong answer? 

I spent at least an hour trying to figure this out -- doesn't make real sense, but now I understand more than I did before.

Your help is much appreciated.