Need help: Storyline 360 files embedded into Rise 360 does not play in LMS

May 05, 2021

Good day

I really need assistance, we have developed a course in Rise 360 and embedded activities built in storyline 360 into this course. I then export the Rise file to web and load this on our FTP server to get a http address to the file, which I then take and embed into our LMS (Blackboard), however all components on the Rise course plays such as videos, attachments etc except the storyline activities, when you click on them, they just display the loading screen and does not progress to the next screen. 

We have loaded this on another platform outside of the organisation and it worked well. Blackboard has sent me articles pointing to another issue as they say it is not with the LMS, here are the two articles:

I am really hoping someone can assist me with this. Attached are two videos displaying the issues. 

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