ISSUE: Presenter/Storyline 360 creating invalid server requests

Mar 23, 2018

When publishing for LMS 2004 SCORM HTML5 only, the articulate player makes invalid requests to our server for resources. This results in 406 HTTP error. 

The reason for this is that requests contains invalid "Accept" headers:

Accept: text

The Accept header should be either "*/*" or the correct MIME type. This issue is also present for Storyline 360. The invalid request is generated by Articulate player, not my own custom code. Please let me know how this can be fixed. Thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi eLearning, 

It looks like you uploaded the published output here. I'd uploaded it to SCORM Cloud to test and you can view this here. I didn't run into any error messages, but can you let me know how that behaves for you? 

I also wasn't sure if this was your actual course as it appeared to be pretty sparse without any content? 

Let me know - and if you have the Presenter Package, that will be helpful to take a look at all your publish settings too. 

eLearning Web Development

Hi Ashley,

I tried the cloud version and you are correct that the server does not return 406 errors, however the issue is still present (please see attachment). Perhaps no errors are being generated because the web server does not perform a validation for the "Accept" header.

However, the issue here is still that Articulate does not generate valid HTTP requests. As stated by HTTP specifications (, these are the only valid values for the Accept header:

Accept: <MIME_type>/<MIME_subtype>
Accept: <MIME_type>/*
Accept: */*

Articulate's Accept header only contain the value "text" which is invalid syntax. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks for testing that out! 

This is a bit above me perhaps, but I'd love to get you working with our Support Engineers to take a deeper look.   Let me know if you need help getting started with a Support case and I'd love to follow along to learn what's causing it, so if you open it on your own just share the case number.

Angel Green

Any updates on this issue? We have the same error being thrown and our entire sales force uses Samsung tablets, so this is a major flaw. Can we go in and personally edit the .js files and rezip? Is there a workaround during publish? These are Storyline 360 that are failing to move forward (grey spinning wheel in Chrome, and no response to forward triggers/buttons in Android app)  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Roey and Angel,

The issue that eLearning Web Development was running into was fixed in the latest update of Storyline 360, Update 14. If you need to install that update, launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for the Storyline application. Details here.

If you are using Update 14 already and seeing the error still, I'd love to have a sample file to share with our team here.

Cheryl Powers

Ashley - this error 406 text not accepted issue is the same issue (I work for Angel) who posted above) that I reported to you about HTML5 published courses in scorm 1.2 for the SuccessFactors LMS - you wrote/replied to me regarding this issue regarding the course running properly in the scorm cloud  but not in SF mobile app or Chrome on a desktop.   Please see link: LMS issues, and we have a support ticket requesting the server OS/version.  

Cheryl Powers

I had also did the most recent update (after the 4/2 one) April 17, 2018 (Build 3.15.15453.0) and once again hoped my courses that were previously working in SuccessFactors LMS that are no longer working in Chrome and no longer working in the mobile app on an Android device, would work with the newest update.  But my recently published storyline 360 file from 4/22 did not work in the LMS.


Cheryl Powers

Ashley/Leslie, I keep checking back here and I have provided documentation but I do not see any communication of a possible solution for us.  we are running the most recent version update, and this problem began with the april 2 previous update, rendering all of our previous content that used to work in our LMS useless for the chrome users and android mobile users.  We need a solution.  we are missing our deadlines for issuing monthly compliance training.  Our icontent server on the LMS side is an Apache server (not Windows IIS) but it is and is expecting a different accept statement in the header, I believe the Mime standard */* or text/html during the server driven content negotiation.   I was under the impression that Angel and I both had submitted a support ticket but I'm submitting another one now.

UPDATE 5-3-18:  our LMS production icontent server is not Apache as we were incorrectly informed.  Our server is Windows IIS.  Our content works in scorm cloud as Roey stated, because it is an Apache server.  Our content does not work for our associates using Chrome browser, or Samsung users in the SF Mobile app, after it is published for LMS as scorm to the SuccessFactors LMS icontent server (windows IIS 7.5)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cheryl,

I'm sorry for the delay - I found the case you submitted yesterday and the one previously from Angel. It looks like my colleague Abel had worked with Angel before, so I gave him a heads up about your case too.

He'll be in touch as soon as he's been able to review the information shared, so keep your eyes out for an email from

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cheryl,

It looks like Abel was waiting to hear from you if you needed to downgrade to an older version until this is fixed, and I see your email today about that. I'll make sure he gets that sent to you shortly.

Our team is still looking into this issue, and once we have an update on it I'll let you know here and Abel will let you know in your case too. 

Cheryl Powers

Alright.  we were hoping to get an update on the issue sooner and avoid having to downgrade to older version.  we were hoping today's update to the software may have helped but it did not.  I updated the email string since our system administration 3rd party informed us incorrectly about our content server OS.  We have upgraded to a team license, but all of our content is in storyline 360 and no longer working in our LMS. We need a solution, because this became a problem on 4/2/18 after that update and our April compliance content rolled out on 4/3 with the only solution for our Samsung mobile users is to use another browser and not use the SuccessFactors LMS application.  to my boss, this is not a viable solution and would require retraining our sales force.  The software we've purchased for our team needs to produce content that works in our LMS for all our browsers and mobile app devices as it used to,  

Kyle Martin

We are also using SuccessFactors and are experiencing the same issue Cheryl Powers is experiencing even after the Storyline 360 April 28th 2018 update. HTML 5 content will not play using Chrome 66 other browsers see the the Play icon in the center of the screen but Chrome does not and we receive the spinning wheel after slide one finishes playing.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for adding your voice, Sharon. I'm really sorry for the headaches – we're here to help relieve them 🌟

I dug around and saw your most recent support case (#01349587) was assigned to my teammate, Rowie, where he asked a few follow-up questions to best advise on some next steps. Additionally, one of our leads, John, personally reached out to lend a hand. Let us know if you have any questions regarding those emails – we're standing by!

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