Need Help Troubleshooting SL2 Module

Jan 27, 2015

In our current SL2 project, we are experiencing 2 issues that I need some help resolving! First, the videos are cut short when the timeline ends and it moves tot the next slide. I have tried jump triggers for when the timeline ends and when media completes and it happens with both. Second, on the the slides with hotspots, after the user clicks the hotspot before it jumps to the new slide, the user sees a brief flash of the still image or another image in the module. Any ideas on what is causing these issues?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Marie!

I took a look at the file going into the Work section. Slide 2.2 with the MP4, does seem to jump to the next slide at the end of the media.  She ends up saying "by tapping on the icon" is there supposed to be more to this media? I am also unable to see a flash of an image when clicking on the hotspot in slide 2.3. Is there a particular slide where you see this happening?

Please confirm that you are working locally with this file. 

Marie Wood

Hi Emily,

We are trying to come up with a work around on our end for this problem with videos cutting off too soon when played on an android device but we are not having much success. Are rollout out deadline is almost here and we need to find a solution for the video cutting off prematurely. Can you please talk to the QA team to get an update?

Have any other users experienced a problem with video cutting off early on an android device using SL2? If so, how did you work around it?





Emily Ruby

Hello Marie,

Thanks for checking in. Hopefully if others have experienced issues like this and found a workaround, they will jump in with some ideas. 

I did check and the issue is still being looked into by our QA team. I will see if I am able to get any more updates, and if/when I do, I will post here with the information.

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