Need help understanding video resolution in Storyline

Apr 01, 2020


I am making a software demo that includes a lot of video walkthroughs of a program. Then I take those videos and put them into Storyline to build a course. 

I am using Snag It and Camtasia to make the screen captures. Techsmith recommends that screen captures be the same size as the video project for the best resolution. 

My screen capture is 1500 x 935 to get all the parts of the software. This is where I get confused. My Storyline project is 720 x 540.

If I make my video size that small I would have to reduce the size of my capture (not recommended per Techsmith). The other option is to make my video size 1500 x 935 to match the screen capture, but then I would need to put it into the Storyline file, which is a much lower resolution.

Can anyone guide me on the best way to capture and include video in Storyline?


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Stefanie Lawless

Hi Jeni!

Have you tried the screen recording feature right inside Storyline? It's amazing!! And not only gives you a video recording, but also several Step-by-Step slides that are either for viewing, or to let the learner INTERACT with the content on the slide!!!

Check out this great tutorial:

Stefanie Lawless
Yukon Learning

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