Need help with a simple interaction - display image

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to add a simple interaction - I want to have a button pop-up / callout that reads "click the Submitting Hours button." I've created states and triggers and the only thing that is working is the hide trigger that initially hides the callout from the screen. See attached sample. So the goal is to have nothing appear on the screen however when they roll their mouse over the Submitting Hours button a callout appears that reads Click the Submitting Hours button" can someone help me with this? 

Thanks in advance. 


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Mike Bubyn

Hi Maree, 

I did a quick fix for you. I added the "callout" to the hover state of the "Click the Submitting Hours button". Let me know if that works.

- you might have to remove some of your other triggers to ensure you get the functionality you seek.