Need Help with Course!


I made a quick course about Netiquette and I have a few questions.

1) On slide 1.3 - Netiquette Course - how can I get the videos to connect back to the course?

2)I want the "review quiz" button to only appear on the Failed slide, not the success slide. When I set up the results slide, it will appear on both. Can you customize it so the "review quiz" only shows when someone fails?


Thank you

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Wendy!

Looks like you have some videos on layers set to launch upon the layer opening. They are web objects though, so perhaps a button on the layer to close the layer when the user completes the video and closes the browser? Would that work for you?

As far as your review button, you can simply place this on the Failure layer instead of the base results slide layer. Is that what you are asking?

I just allow the option on the Result Slide Options, then Cut/Paste to the layer I want.