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Aug 17, 2012


I run into an issue using Quiz in storyline. I want to use multiple-choice question in storyline to set up a scenario based course. When learner selects a specific choice, they will be led to a different question following. The logic sounds easy. However, it does not track the course as I want.

If the learner chooses the right one, they can be led to the right next question. However, if they choose the wrong one, they will be led nowhere. The slide stops at that question.

Anyone runs into the same situation?

Can my idea be achieved using multiple choice questions?

Thank you


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Matthew Graham

You could make different scenes that branch into different places and create triggers for certain answers that point to the slide you want it to go to.

Create trigger to go to offbeaten path (your incorrect answer would replace button 3):


If you create a new scene and point a trigger to it, you can continue with the current scene if its correct or send it to another one if you choose the incorrect one.

Sophia Xu

Hi Matthew:

The pathes are twisted together. The learners may go back to the main path at some point even though they did not select the perfect choice.

Is that caused the problem? I am thinking if I could not use quiz questions to reach my design goal, I may use other triggers to achieve that. Just very time consuming.

Thank you


Matthew Graham

Yeah, sounds tricky.  I think your best bet would be to make a "master path" that would be used the most (the one that people would go back to) and create new scenes for the additional paths that can go back to the master when finished.  I don't see anyway of getting around it as you'll have to make new content for dispersing paths regardless.  I'd be curious to see a storyboard or the project file if possible.

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