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Sep 08, 2014


I need to have an interface on top of everything on my slides. I thought the best way was to copy a top layer on every slide until I discovered that the latest triggered layer will appear on top of everything (so weird... why can you change layer stacking order in the SL interface then ?).

Anyway...I need to have objects appear (stack) on my slide on clicks. I layered those object and I triggered them to appear on click. I also triggered my Interface layer after each object layer is displayed (on layer "Timeline Start") so that interface will appear on top.

So : click > object layer displayed > interface layer triggered on timeline start

The problem is I miss a "Prevent user from clicking on lower layers" because another click will make the last layer appear "again" on top of everything and above the interface.

It seems there's no conditions with Layers (if Layer X is visible) so I can't prevent it to "appear" again.

It's easier to see than to explain so here's the file (overlapping on purpose !).

Any clever solution or do I have to set as many variables as layers ?


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Emily Ruby

Hello Pierre,

I have attached an updated file for you to check out. It seemed that you had the text and cross layer set to trigger 2 times. They had a Show Layer trigger if user clicked outside an item, and also a Show layer trigger if the user clicked inside the item. This was causing them to show when either trigger was clicked.

I removed the second trigger and now they can only be shown once, and the interface is staying on top.

If you need anything further, let us know!

Pierre Jouan

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your answer and sample.

The problem is I wanted the user to click anywhere on the text slide to make the cross appear so that's why there are two triggers (inside + outside = all slide).

As your version worked well, I tried by using a transparent shape all over the text slide with the trigger on it and... it works !


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