Need logic to stop users if they haven't answered any questions

Nov 17, 2015

I've built a simple, 20 question quiz. The project requirements ask that the users be able to navigate forward/backward throughout the quiz, and be given the option to review their answers before submitting for score. I unchecked "Submit" on every slide, and checked "Prev" and "Next", which should give them free navigation ability. I also added a slide between the questions and the results slide, with instructions to either "Review" or "Submit".

I want to add a safety feature that stops the user from submitting their score if it = = 0.00. This way, if they just hit "next" on every slide and try to submit without answering any questions, there will be a layer with a warning and a link back to question 01.

My problem is figuring out the trigger logic. I started with this:

Jump to Slide Results Slide
   When the user clicks Submit Button
    If Results.ScorePoints is Greater than 0.00

Show Layer Zero Points
  When the user clicks Submit Button
   If Results.ScorePoints is Equal to 0.00

This didn't work. It just brings up the Zero Points layer every time, even if the questions have been answered (when the score should be higher than 0.00). I'm guessing this is because the ScorePoints aren't calculated until a submit is triggered.

Do any of you gurus have experience with this, or any ideas?

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Patti Bryant

Hi Daniel!

This is a tricky one. Here's what I've tested, that seems like it may work for you:

1. On the Results Slide, add a new trigger to display the 'No Result' layer.

2. Add the 'No Result' layer on the Results Slide - just like the Failure/Success layer.

3. Remove the 'Submit results when timeline starts' trigger from the Results Slide. Add it to the Failure/Success slide layers - so the results are submitted when the SLIDE LAYER timeline begins, instead. The 'No Results' layer won't have the 'submit' trigger. 

When I test this, it consistently works on my test example. Might this help?

Keepin' the joy,

Daniel Mitchell

Patti, after doing this, and making sure all my Revisit settings are flipped to "reset to initial state", your idea works really well for almost everything.

I am still having one issue. If I run a test where I deliberately skip all the questions, and get the "Zero Score" layer, then click the Start Over button, and retake the quiz, I am getting the layers and quiz results I need; but now the Review on the results slide still shows every answer as incorrect.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

And to clarify one element, you were using the Results.ScorePoints variable on a slide prior to the Results slide, and it wasn't being set till the user got to the results slide and would therefore submit the question. 

As for the review, if you're using the "reset to initial state" on your question slides, when you go through the review they are being reset as well and therefore the users answers will all look to be incorrect. Can you change the "reset" behavior for only the results slide and not all the other question slides? 

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