Need Repeatable Pop-Ups

Feb 09, 2018

This seems a simple and frequently needed thing, but my searches don't find a way to do it. The training is to click a schematic to select the legs that complete a flow path. When clicking any wrong leg a "keep trying" (or similar error message) should appear for a few seconds and then hide. And this should continue to happen any time the learner clicks a "wrong" leg: The same hot spot can be clicked over and over again, and every time the error message displays for a few seconds and then goes away.

Please help. 

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Phil Mayor

and just one addition to what Bob has put. Make sure the slide layer is closing just because the animation has completed doesnt mean the slide layer is closed, and the trigger will only show the layer from the start if it is closed.

Simple way to do this is to shorten the timeline to length of your animation and set the layer properties to hide layer when timeline ends.

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