Need some clarification on IMS CC, QTI, LTI

Mar 18, 2015

More and more we are hearing from third parties that they are moving in the direction of the IMS standards. I hoping someone can help explain to me how Storyline can fit into these standards.

As we all know Storyline publishes as SCORM 1.2, 2004, aicc, and tin can (xapi).

But how can we use our storyline content with IMS Specifications?

1. If we put our published content in a IMS CC package will data still be passed to the lms by means of scorm, tin can, or aicc? or do we remove any testing from the content so it is simply a html page that gets included in the IMS CC package.

2. If no data can be passed to the lms then do we then have to take our test questions and put them into an IMS QTI xml file to be added to the IMS CC package?

3. Moodle provides an IMS LTI Provider plugin which means that external parties can be granted access to full courses or individual activities. If we publish our content from storyline as SCORM. Will data still be passed from or content to the third party through IMS LTI?

4. What is Articulate doing to meet the IMS Standards that are becoming more popular these days?

Any and lots of insight on this to help clear my head would be great. I have been doing lots of research but it is getting very over whelming and confusing. 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christian, 

Thanks for coming back around to this request! Although I still haven't seen a lot of push for this from others in the community or in a Feature request here I can see that it's a standard which is gaining more attention. I've shared this with our Product team so that we can look at evaluating how Articulate tools could work with QTI. 

Christian deTorres

It's much easier to have a bucket of questions and assessments in some non-storyline format where SMEs can pick and choose and edit them, and then we import. The problem is that we usually create them in Storyline, so there's no way to get them back out into an externally editable format.

Beyond just import/export, I'd also like to be able to create single assessments from multiple quiz banks. i.e. "3 easy questions, 4 medium questions, 2 hard questions", where they're all mixed together.

I started out working with fat test engines, the kind built-in to WebCT or Blackboard, so I'm used to these features and took them for granted.

BTW I submitted a QTI feature request. :-)

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