Need Storyline to Return "Complete" and "Failing Score" When User Fails Final Assessment

Oct 19, 2020

Hello everyone! I have a course where users have three tries to pass the final exam. If the user fails on the third try, I need the LMS to record "Complete" AND the failing score? Is this possible? 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Rema,

Have you tried using the Passed/Failed completion status when you publish to your LMS? This is option is most likely to record both Complete and Failed statuses if the course is scored using a results slide and the learner failed. This article shares more:

A community member also shared this neat description a while back:

Passed/Failed: We use this on a limited basis, primarily for things like compliance or certification activities where we want to record a failed status. If the user achieves the minimum passing score they are marked as completed/passed with score, if not they are marked as completed/failed with score. This is especially useful if you want to limit number of attempts through a learning activity for the purpose of assigning remedial training, etc., in the event of someone failing.

I hope this helps clarify the status a bit more!

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