Need to adjust "You must complete the question before submitting"

Jul 15, 2020


The following screen pops up on my Storyline 360 slides if the subject doesn't answer the question.  I like it, but I'd like to adjust the appearance.  Maybe change the colors and format to make it stand out.  Is there a way to do that, please?

you must complete





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Judy Nollet

Hi, Amit,

The look of the standard dialog boxes is controlled by the Feedback Master, which you can access from the View tab. The Feedback Layouts also control the default look of the quiz feedback layers.  UPDATE: Sorry. I was wrong about this part. The look of the dialog boxes can be controlled in the Classic Player by adjusting the colors there. It can't be controlled in the Modern Player, because that doesn't allow for editing individual colors.

FYI: You could also revise the text for default messages by editing the Text Labels, which are in the Player Properties.

Amit Goel

Thank you for the response, Judy.  I am familiar with the Text  Labels and I can adjust the wording of the little pop-up "Invalid Answer," etc.  

However, in all the time I've used Feedback Masters, I didn't know that they could be used to change the appearance of that pop-up box.  

I'm afraid I'm having trouble locating the appropriate box in the Feedback Master view.  That is, I don't see an invalid answer layer.  Is there one there and I'm just not seeing it? 

Or maybe there's a way to make the adjustment from the main colors area of the player?  

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I'm not sure, but I'm looking at some helpful threads now

Dave Cox

Hi Amit,

You are correct, there isn't any place where you can edit the Invalid Feedback slide. 

As you noticed, you can change the text by going into the player settings, and selecting Text Labels in the Custom Panel. The other selection in that panel called Other used to have a whole bunch of color settings for just about everything else in the Storyline player, and if I recall correctly, that is where the settings for the Invalid Feedback slide was.

Unfortunately, most of those settings were removed. when Storyline was redesigned for Version 3 as part of the Flash to HTML transition. 

Amit Goel

Hello Dave and Judy, 

Thank you for the continued support and guidance.

I think I know what happened.  I was looking for the options available with the Classic Player, but with the Modern player, they took away the functionality to adjust the Invalid Feedback slide (as Dave said).

All of the solutions I have seen in the message boards are referencing those tools from the Classic Player.  Oh, well.  Pretty funny thing to phase out with move from Flash to HTML. 

I wonder why they had to remove that very useful functionality.  


Dave Cox

This is just a guess, but I know that when the engineers were writing the new version of storyline to get it ready for HTML only, It was a pretty massive change to get everything to work in the new environment. I suspect it was a lot easier to just hard code some of those player setting values in order to get the release out on time.

Amit Goel

Hi Judy, 

My apologies that you are having to spend so much time on my question here. 

I checked several other threads on the message boards and I'm seeing people reference functionality in changing the colors of that invalid slide in only the Classic Player. But I don't want to revert my entire course back to Classic player now. 

I have looked through the feedback layers in the Feedback Master in some detail.  I am familiar (or I thought I was) with all the different feedback options there.  As I look, there doesn't seem to a feedback slide (Master or subordinate) that is responsible for allowing adjustments to that Invalid Answer pop-up slide.  The only functionality I can see is changing the pop-up text through the Text Labels in the player.

I guess if there's a way to change the colors of that Invalid Answer pop-up, I don't see it.  

Please don't spend any more time on this if you are busy.  I'd hate to take away from whatever else you are doing.  But I attached a sample SL360 slide here in case you can explain how to adjust the colors and appearance of that pop-up.  



Judy Nollet

Alas and alack. I'm not sure where I picked up the "knowledge" that the Feedback Master also impacted the default dialog boxes. Time to unlearn that; it is wrong.  I edited my initial post above to point out the error, and I deleted the others.

  • The color of the dialog boxes can be controlled in the Classic Player by adjusting the Colors & Effects area of the Player Properties. 
  •  The color of the dialog boxes can't be controlled in the Modern Player, because that doesn't allow for editing individual colors.

My deepest apologies for causing confusion.

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