Need unlimited attempts quiz but NO feedback

Sep 21, 2020

This has to be a common situation, so I'm sure I am overlooking something quite simple. I want learners to be able to take my quiz in SL 360 unlimited times, but since I've chosen to not provide feedback for each question, the quiz question are set at 1 attempt. 

I tuggled feedback on and left the spaces blank but then the questions didn't preview correctly (e.g. hit submit and nothing happens). 

What am I missing? 



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Walt Hamilton

I may be wrong, but as I read this, I envision answering 10 questions, and not getting any feedback, then being able to opt to go back and answer all 10 questions again.

As a learner, I would sure prefer the opportunity to repeat every question until I was satisfied with it before I have to go on, even if I don't get any feedback.

When you hit Submit, the only action is the showing of feedback layers, and if they aren't shown, nothing is a good way to describe what you can expect to see.

I'm really confused about what you want to see, and what you are seeing instead. If you will attach your .story file here, it will help a lot.

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